Lady Gaga has revealed Born This Way’s album artwork on her twitter account today. It see gaga half-woman, half-motorbike. Weird. I’m a little monster as well and I’m really liking her new single Judas. But I think Gaga (Mother Monster) could have done better. To be it looks too Photoshop. What do you think of the Album Cover?


The Fantasy Forest

By Ruairi Phillips

The smell of deep, soulful, bright red roses filled the air. Chirping of newborn chicks acknowledged the squirrels seeking nuts. Only the exhausted, gloomy, and sympathetic donkey was peaceful. The dirt-filled ground oozed with a smell so disgusting it made the sunflowers die. The Long grain grass contaminated the air with fragments of seeds. The echoing sound of oaks and birch tress swept across the forest as they were pulled from the roots. The joyful lampshade extended across the kingdom, delivering light for ducks and swans to grace the ground. The quacking sound of field mice making their way home to their borrow, are filtered throughout the meadows. As the moon takes over the suns shift, the forest goes silent.

Katy Perry Firework

Katy Perry Posing For a Photo

Katy Perry’s Upcoming single Firework is set release for October. The Single has a similar lyrics to Kelis’s track “4th of July”

Perry’s Lyrics are as followed “Just own the night/Like the fourth of July”  and Kelis’s “Just like the sky/Like the 4th of July”

At one point in Katy’s song she sings “Your original, cannot be replaced” well Katy after listening to you live your not original and most certainly can be replaced. But I have to admit that I’am a fan of her work but this song just screams Copyright!

I Got A Real Piano

Today I got a real piano. I love it far better than a key board but needs a little tuning. It has only been what, one year when

I first started piano lessons. My teacher is really good and I always throw in a bit of GAGA!

Now that I have it, I will be uploading me on to You Tube with me playing some songs I have wrote and others.

So please check them out when they get released.

The Strangers Review

Last night I watched the strangers with my cousin and I was very disappointed. OK there were moments were you jump just like any other horror movie but  I expected so much more. There was no back story to why the people set out to kill them and we never got to she there faces. When I saw the trailer two years ago I was like I’m never watching that but now since I did I would not recommend it to anyone. Also I heard that a sequel is in works, But if they have a good plot then it might persuaded me.

Scoring : 4/10

Pretty Little Liars I’m Obsessed

The new hit ABC Family show has taken america by storm. Based on the books by Sara Shepard it follows four friends who are dealing with the death of their friend Alison. But they start receiving texts from a unknown sender called A-  

Secrets, Relationships, drama and Fashion are all involved to make this show standout. Former Privileged star  Lucy Hale plays Aria, who moves back to rosewood only to find out her friend has been murdered. Storyline’s surround every character meaning none is safe.

Pretty Little Liars ABC Family Tuesdays 8/7c

Rural Vampire Slayers

On my You Tube channel I will be uploading a series I have created based off Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Who defends the rural countryside from the vamps? Rural Vampire Slayers do! So It will have one Episode and from then one we will see. Will you be watching?