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Lady Gaga has revealed Born This Way’s album artwork on her twitter account today. It see gaga half-woman, half-motorbike. Weird. I’m a little monster as well and I’m really liking her new single Judas. But I think Gaga (Mother Monster) could have done better. To be it looks too Photoshop. What do you think of the Album Cover?


Katy Perry Firework

Katy Perry Posing For a Photo

Katy Perry’s Upcoming single Firework is set release for October. The Single has a similar lyrics to Kelis’s track “4th of July”

Perry’s Lyrics are as followed “Just own the night/Like the fourth of July”  and Kelis’s “Just like the sky/Like the 4th of July”

At one point in Katy’s song she sings “Your original, cannot be replaced” well Katy after listening to you live your not original and most certainly can be replaced. But I have to admit that I’am a fan of her work but this song just screams Copyright!

Pretty Little Liars I’m Obsessed

The new hit ABC Family show has taken america by storm. Based on the books by Sara Shepard it follows four friends who are dealing with the death of their friend Alison. But they start receiving texts from a unknown sender called A-  

Secrets, Relationships, drama and Fashion are all involved to make this show standout. Former Privileged star  Lucy Hale plays Aria, who moves back to rosewood only to find out her friend has been murdered. Storyline’s surround every character meaning none is safe.

Pretty Little Liars ABC Family Tuesdays 8/7c

Sex And The….Not Well-Dressed?

With sex and the city 2 being realised soon Sarah Jessica parker and her son were spotted walking in New York. As you can see she is not all glamour. The actress says although she has a humble background, her mother strived to dress her and siblings as well as she could by buying ‘flawed’ dresses, reports
‘For the early part of my life I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. We had no money. But we had this factory called Polly Slenders where my mother could go and get flawed dresses, so we were dressed like the Kennedys,’ she said.
‘That’s how I started learning about clothes. I didn’t have access to clothing the way I did over the course of my tenure over at ‘Sex and the City’, but I knew what was beautiful,’ she added.

Celebritys you would want to meet

Have you ever dreamed of the celeb you are dieing to meet talking to?

Well the celeb I would to die to meet is Lady Gaga!

Her music is freaking awesome and she seems very cool and outrageous! Everything I love, I do not get why people like her she is so talented.

So who is the celebrity you are dieing to meet?

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