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The Fantasy Forest

By Ruairi Phillips

The smell of deep, soulful, bright red roses filled the air. Chirping of newborn chicks acknowledged the squirrels seeking nuts. Only the exhausted, gloomy, and sympathetic donkey was peaceful. The dirt-filled ground oozed with a smell so disgusting it made the sunflowers die. The Long grain grass contaminated the air with fragments of seeds. The echoing sound of oaks and birch tress swept across the forest as they were pulled from the roots. The joyful lampshade extended across the kingdom, delivering light for ducks and swans to grace the ground. The quacking sound of field mice making their way home to their borrow, are filtered throughout the meadows. As the moon takes over the suns shift, the forest goes silent.


I Got A Real Piano

Today I got a real piano. I love it far better than a key board but needs a little tuning. It has only been what, one year when

I first started piano lessons. My teacher is really good and I always throw in a bit of GAGA!

Now that I have it, I will be uploading me on to You Tube with me playing some songs I have wrote and others.

So please check them out when they get released.

Tractor Rally!

Today a event that happens every year…TRACTOR RALLY

What is a Tractor Rally? Well it is when everyone from the area comes together to show off their tractors and to chat among each other. After that they go for a drive and that’s it. Yeah you need to be really in to that stuff because I’m not! So If you are having one near you go and look you’ll have fun.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! I hope that you are all enjoying  your easter eggs and having fun! 

Easter Tomorrow

Well guys it is Easter tomorrow! I for one can not wait to rip that cardbored from my chocolate egg and eat it like a farm animal! Any plans what are you doing on this choc filled day? Leave a comment that’s what it is for!

Also I would love to thank all of you who view my blog thanks a million!