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Katy Perry Firework

Katy Perry Posing For a Photo

Katy Perry’s Upcoming single Firework is set release for October. The Single has a similar lyrics to Kelis’s track “4th of July”

Perry’s Lyrics are as followed “Just own the night/Like the fourth of July”  and Kelis’s “Just like the sky/Like the 4th of July”

At one point in Katy’s song she sings “Your original, cannot be replaced” well Katy after listening to you live your not original and most certainly can be replaced. But I have to admit that I’am a fan of her work but this song just screams Copyright!


Katy Perry “Teenage Dream”

Katy Perry’s California girl’s featuring Snoop-dog landed her at no.1 but will her new single from her new album, Teenage Dream of the same name be a chart topper?

Yes! It has a soft beat and  relationship lyrics that make it a song ready to be a hit. It’s very Cathie and fresh, I would compare it to ke$ha’s Blah Blah Blah with a bit of  Brittney Spears. Like all her other songs, I kissed a girl and hot n cold just to name a few, Katy is here to stay for a long time.